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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Energy place

...I have been to an energetic and spiritually enchanted place this weekend!
Bad Fusch, a faraway place in the "Upper Tauern", near the "Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse"

Existing since the 15thCentury, It has been a very famous sanitarium in the 19th Century with several medical springs. It was the summer health resort of many artists and the noble society of these days, like Hugo von Hoffmannsthal, Christian Morgenstern, Jakob Alt, Richard Strauss, Friedrich Loos, Johann more. (in german)

These famously day´s are long gone, but it is still a place with a high energy level and now there are ambitions to revitalize the spot.

..unfortunately instead of natural stones and wood there is used some cement and stainless steel....I hope the medical springs will not feel hurt about...


  1. Oh your mum very lucky to brought up in such a beautiful place:)

  2. It seems to be an enchanted place! Even though the concrete...

  3. Really zen.
    I would feel tempted to do zazen there.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Lovely spot, inspiring and perfect for loading your batteries.

  5. Very inspirational place, I see some gorgeous green jewelry coming up :)

  6. Such a great place to visit. Although it has been modernised I am sure you still can feel the spirit, the source of energy, if you listen hard enough. You have been there, took pictures, tell us about it on your blog, and we feel the positive energy too. Thank you so much for sharing!