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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Grey and shimmering

Most of you , who have to take pictures from things that actually are made to hang , not to
stand, may know it already......
If I want to take a pic which don´t show my piece lying, I use Patafix to stick it on its place
Looks then a bit like levitating.....


  1. Nice to know how you do it and see your work ;-)

  2. beautiful--and your work and photos are so impeccable--great technique and gorgeous design!

  3. good tip, Viktoria! Love that shade of blue, and your metalwork!

  4. Beautiful -thanks for the tip -and your jewelry are pretty as always! /Eva

  5. Beautiful, as always Viktoria! Thanks for the handy tip...I often use Blu-Tak (similar to the product you recommend) for my photo shoots. Earrings are always difficult to capture well!