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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Old Indonesian wax-batik

Three old pieces of clothing, made from fabrics colored in Indonesian wax batik, were brought to me by my lovely and generous cousin and her husband ...Many Thank´s to you both!
This floor-length apron was worn over the dress, to tog up.

Genuine wax-batik can be identified by turning the fabric. Both sides the pattern must have the same color intensity!...Many "Batik" fabrics you can buy are printed! They may have the typical Craquele´as well, but if you take a look at the bottom side, you can see there is no color or if, it is uneven and light.
That one is an evening dress from the 70´s , made of silk. Both fabric sides exactly the same!
Just look at the details, all drawn by hand!

The blue wrap skirt is also wonderful patterned, cotton made.
...really a lot of fabric on it...My cousin mentioned I would know how to use ,
but I think to cut these wonderful fabrics there must be a really gorgeous idea what to make from it! .....we will see....


  1. Wow you really got a wonderful handmade batik here Viktoria. I can see how much work into it! Even a simple one can take hours to make!
    Enjoy your gorgeous pressy:)

  2. Beautiful handmade batiks Viktoria! I particularly love the dress!

  3. You lucky girl, wish I had such a cousin :)
    Goergeous batiks!

  4. The dress is amazing ! Lucky you ! You can make a pair of batikpattern earrings ...

  5. The patterns are amazing, can't wait to see what you do with them.

  6. I love batik Indonesia too.
    now I'll develop the Batik Bekasi motif to add the motif Batik Indonesia collection.
    greet from Batik Bekasi