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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

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Con Trails, lit up by the first rays of sun
The first I saw, looking out of my window this morning!
It always leaves me with mixed feelings!
..on the one hand I have to think of all the contaminates and the environment effects,
on the other hand I really would love to sit in one of these Jets to fly right ahead towards the rising sun!

1. con trail, 2. Con Trails from Backyard, 3. con trail, 4. new and old con trails

If you like to play this week, and for much more mosaics hop over to Artmind


  1. that is quite right. I have the same mixed feeling when I see one of those gorgeous red/fuchsia/orange sunsets...and you know it is actually smog doing that...

  2. how funny to see this mosaic! I saw one of those trails yesterday and it reminded me of a piece of lace! Looked so beautiful! :)

  3. Great idea! For me the con trails can look like art, but if it's from a very loud jet fighter I always feel like it's cutting the sky the cruel way.