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Friday, February 4, 2011

Creative space....Mandala - Pendants

Slow but consistently...
That´s what I´m working on right now!
It will be a series of flat little mandalas.
Some issues to solve, like the silver mounting which should not dominate and overlay the pattern,
..the inside materials, the strap or chain,.. and some more..

sneak preview:
My design inspired me also for a big necklace to make. This is a bigger project and will take some more time of course, stay tuned for the results!


  1. omg an enormous work, but superpretty !!!!

  2. Oh, these look amazing so far, Viktoria! The patterns you've achieved within the beadwork are really beautiful. I look forward to seeing your finished mandalas :-)

  3. Absolutely stunning! Can't wait to see more and especially the big necklace. Already in love with the colours!

  4. This is already STUNNING! I can't wait to see it, Viktoria--you have inspired me to go into my work room right now....:-)

  5. wow ...I like the first picture ..amazing ...I´m still happy that I can already make beads and a bracelet in different colors, but not with a pattern like that !!

  6. Amazing! I love the pattern in the first pic.

  7. Your work is amazing, respect to your patience too :)!

  8. ooh beautiufl, looks like a lot of work, but the result is fabulous!