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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Flickr Favorites !

February ...
February is not my month... I have to admit...
For I´m not the Valentines day Person;
I´m neither the Carneval Person ! (maybe in a warm country I would!)
OK, there is some good in every season, and maybe the february could be great for creating, visiting exhibitions and concerts....and making plans ......

1. february, 2. 7th February - At the market, 3. pink balloon on sign South Molton Street London 12th February 2011 15:27.23pm, 4. February morning in Prague III

If you like to play this week, and for much more mosaics hop over to Artmind


  1. I think we are having the exact same weather, Viktoria! And like you, I'm neither a Valentines nor a Carnivale person. WE are spring, summer, and fall people!

  2. I'm not the Vantine's day nor the Carneval Person either, but I like February anyway. Maybe it's because the air is full of promises. Promises of better, warmer days to come... I think you pictured that feeling very well.

  3. and for all the first spring flowers ;-)

  4. it is a tough month..but then again,i'm a 'fall' person so all of this is a bit much :)
    i like your picks, they are gloomy in appearance and not trying to be otherwise.

  5. I agree with Dawn and February is the showing spring already so that's making me happy! :)

  6. What about laying in bed and reading? We're moving into Autumn and I'm worried that this winter is going to be nuts. I need to move to the tropics!

    Great mosaic!